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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boise ceiling fan installation

Boise ceiling fan installation

It is not difficult to see why people would be interested in ceiling fan installation in Boise, Idaho. Ceiling fans add style and comfort to your home. 

The Benefits You Get From Having Your Own Ceiling Fan

It makes sense to have a ceiling fan installed in your Boise, Idaho area home, as it is a sensible and cost effective solution to an energy efficient home.

It helps in stirring up a breeze to cool off your home in summer, circulating the air and resulting in less run time on your air conditioner.  The circulating air can make the room feel between 5-10 degrees cooler.  In the winter months ceiling fans push the hot air down resulting in less time running the heater.   Ceiling fans add to resale value of your home and add comfort and style to any household.

What is involved in Doing it Yourself Ceiling Fans Installations

Ceiling fan installation can be challenging for the average homeowner. You need a lot of tools and materials to start with. The ceiling fan, mounting kit, swag kit, lock washers, support unit, 4 x 1 1/2 octagon electrical box, cable, outlet box, switch, box connectors, wire nuts, switch cover, bonding screw, neon test light, no 2 Phillips screwdriver, claw hammer, speed controller, pliers, compass saw, and so the list goes on.

That is not even mentioning what is all involved in the steps you have to follow to get it all installed.  Instructions can be long and difficult to understand, and some fans can weigh over 40 pounds.  Thinking of the safety aspects involved, it is it is better to get a licensed Idaho electrician called in to come and do what they do best.