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Monday, September 6, 2010

Retrofit kits

Bright Ideas Lighting Co recently did a project using Lithonia RT8 retrofit kits.  The RT8 kits completely changed the look of the office space and reduced energy costs by over 50%.   The great thing about these kits is that they cost less than an entire new fixture (both in labor and product costs), however the end result looks like a new fixture!!

The previous lighting were old 4 lamp T12 acrylic troffers.  Many of the bulbs were not even matching colors.  Also many of the fixture covers were very dirty.   The old electromagnetic T12 ballasts were also very noise, besides being very energy inefficient.   Each fixture is using approximately 155 watts.

 The picture to the right after we had installed the Lithonia RT8 lighting retrofit kits.

Notice the cleaner more modern look.  The new kits with the 2 lamp T8 electronic high performance ballast are only using 54 watts per fixture.  Note -The before and after pictures are not of the same room, but are of the same job.  Just could not get into same room for the "after" shot.

Because we were retrofitting from T12 to T8 and delamping from 4 lamps to 2 lamps the customer was able to get a $38 per fixture rebate from Idaho PowerBright Ideas Lighting Co filled out all of the Idaho Power paper work for the customer and made the process very easy.   The customer was able to get what looks like brand new fixtures at a fraction of the cost by using the Lithonia RT8 retrofit kits.