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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cold Cathode lighting

Have you taken a look at implementing cold cathode lighting into your home and/or business life?

While Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb revolutionized the world and served humans for centuries, the time has come to tip our hats to Edison and leap forward into the 21st century while embracing technologies advancements.   

Perhaps it is time to evaluate your lighting services, how well they are serving your needs and how they are affecting our planet.

There are too many benefits of using cold cathode to not consider giving the technology a try at the very least - as it is extraordinarily dependable and cost efficient. The cold cathode lighting provides high reliability, very low maintenance and uses minimal energy, making it ideal for residential and commercial uses. 

Of late, cold cathode engineering has been conformed and implemented into compact lighting products and are appreciating a median lifespan rating of 25,000 hours as well as boasting dimming capabilities. These long-life and energy saving lamps are ideal for particular applications, such as signage, where abbreviated maintenance and energy costs are coveted. The soft starting of the cathodes assures foresighted lamp life and unparalleled execution under difficult ambient circumstances.  In many cases the cold cathode lights make much more economic sense than LEDs.  They are generally less than half the price than LEDs. 

Cold Cathode lighting is the illumination of the present and the future. Some of you may have had the luck and pleasure of experiencing Cold Cathode in action. Some photo copy machines, mobile phones, liquid crystal display television screens and computer monitors are boasting the Cold Cathode technology.  

Take a look at some of the benefits you can reap when using Cold Cathode lighting:

·        Filament free resulting in no failures from vibration
·        Free from fire and explosion dangers as they operate “coldly”
·        Use 1/3 of the energy of Incandescent lighting
·        Boasts operating lifes up to 25,000 hours burning-over 10 times that of an Incandescent lamp
·        Full dimming capabilities – even down to 2 percent